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 7:59:54 PM (CST) Monday, March 18, 2019

Reptile Ownership & Frozen Feeders Information Center is the leader in frozen rodents and feeding of snakes, lizards, other reptiles, birds of prey and more. Not only does provide frozen feeder animals to pet-owners, but also to animal sanctuaries, zoos and other interesting establishments dedicated to keeping their animals happy, healthy and safe. Find many informational articles below that can help you as a pet owner, or just as interesting facts to know. Have a topic you would like discussed? Contact us and we will work with our experts to answer your questions.

Frozen Feeder Rodent Information
What Animals Eat Quail?
Guide To Choosing Feeder Mice
Guide to Measuring Frozen Mice
Which Animals Eat Mice?
Frozen and Prekilled vs. Live
How Often Should I Feed My Snake?
Thawing Out Frozen Feeders
Nutrient Composition of Whole Vertebrate Prey
What To Expect At A Reptile Show
What do Wild Carnivores Eat While Kept in Captivity?

Articles About Reptile Ownership
Best Reptiles for Starting pets
Why Wild Reptiles Don't Make Good Pets
How to Handle a Snake
Top 5 Serpentariums / Reptile Houses in the U.S
Top 10 Longest Snakes in the World
5 of the Deadliest Snakes
Snakes for Pets. What do you need to know before you get your new pet snake?
Snake Food: How to Switch a Snake from Live Food to Frozen Feeders
Garter Snake Feeding
Feeding Corn Snakes Frozen Feeders
Pueblan Milk Snake As Pets
Corn Snakes As Pets
Ball Pythons As Pets
Boa Constrictor Facts
Boa Constrictor Facts For All Owners
California King Snakes As Pets
Reptile Mites - And Getting Rid of Them!
What do gecko's eat?
What do bearded dragons eat?
Bearded Dragon Care
Feeding Habits of Reptiles
Crocodile Monitor Care
Best Pet Snakes
What do Lizards Eat?
Snake Diets While in Captivity

Birds of Prey Information
How to Handle a Bird of Prey - Falconry Handling
Birds of Prey Flight Speeds - North America
Birds of Prey Flight Speeds - Africa
Ten of the Largest Birds of Prey in the World
Hawk Series: Broad-winged Hawk Facts
Hawk Series: Swainson's Hawk Facts
Hawk Series: Red-Tailed Hawk Facts
Hawk Series: Cooper's Hawk Facts
Hawk Series: Ferruginous Hawk Facts
Hawk Series: Harris's Hawk Facts
Hawk Series: Galapagos Hawk Facts
Owl Series: Northern Hawk-Owl Facts
Eagle Series: Philippine Eagle Facts
Eagle Series: Bald Eagle Facts
Eagle Series: Golden Eagle Facts
Eagle Series: Steller's Sea Eagle Facts
Owl Series: Barn Owl Facts
Owl Series: Eastern Screech Owl Facts
Owl Series: Long-Eared Owl Facts
Owl Series: Snowy Owl Facts
Owl Series: Great Horned Owl Facts
Falcon Series: Prairie Falcon Facts
Falcon Series: Peregrine Falcon Food
Falcon Series: Gyrfalcon Facts
Falcon Series: Red Necked Falcon Facts
I'm always impressed with the bond animals form with people.
How To Get Into Falconry
What Do Birds of Prey Eat?

Zoos and Animal Sanctuaries
Top 10 Zoos in America (Part 1)
Top 10 Zoos in America (Part 2)
How to Start an Animal Sanctuary
Why Become a Volunteer at the Zoo?
What Does a Zookeeper Do?
What Zoo Reptiles Eat!
How Do Animal Sanctuaries Work?
How Zoos Cater to Reptiles
Zoo Veterinarians

Interesting Rodent Articles
Operation Dead-Mouse Drop
AP: "Living Fossil" Rat Caught On Tape
World News: Picture A Rat As Big As A Buffalo
What Animals Eat Mice?
AP: Unknown Giant Rat Discovered In New Guinea Jungle
Naked Mole - Rat From Africa
BBC News: Gigantic Fossilized Rodent Discovered
Birds of a feather heal together at wildlife centre

Interesting Rodent Videos
Giant Rat Discovered In Indonesia
Mickey Mouse Creature Discovered In Desert
Lizard 'Attacks' Channel 5 Anchor
Snake Eating An Egg
Anaconda Devours World's Largest Rodent
A Battle in the Wild: Squirrel vs. Snake Video
Pygmy Jerboa: Video of Cute Jumping Rodent



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