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 8:59:54 AM (CST) Thursday, February 21, 2019

Owning A Pueblan Milk Snake

If taken care of properly, whether purchased as a hatchling or as an adult, a pueblan milk snake can live upwards of 20 years. Since your new pet will be with you for the next few decades, here are some facts you should know prior to making that purchase.

A pueblan milk snake is grouped with other milk snakes and shares many of their characteristics. Typical characteristics of a milk snake include length, shape, head, and eyes. The pueblan milk snake’s natural habitat is Central Mexico, which means that it prefers a habitat that imitates the high dry desert of that region. When held in captivity an adult will require a 20 gallon tank enclosure.

For the most part a pueblan milk snake will become tame with regular handling, it is a nocturnal species though, meaning they move around and explore at night, so be sure that their enclosure has a dark area in order to let it hide.

Make sure that you provide a fairly large bowl for drinking and soaking in. As well, make sure that the peublan milk snake’s diet consists of size appropriate rodents, from small pinkies and extra small pinkies when they are younger to large pinkies when they are old enough to eat them, your pueblan milk snake is going to take the frozen snake food you give them as long as they are appropriately sized.

It is best to offer frozen snake food to your pueblan milk snake for a few reasons. You will decrease the chance of injury that many snakes face with live feeders. Also, these are guaranteed to be virus-free and sanitary so your snake’s health will not be affected by a feeder’s aliment. Lastly, you are able to keep these frozen pinkies for several months, so you will always have food on hand for your snake.

Remember that when you take ownership of any snake, you need to find a good veterinarian to take it to. Find a local vet that specializes or knows how to handle reptiles, this way you are sure to get the best care for your snake, in addition to having a close place to take it if any emergency were to occur.



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