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 8:00:18 PM (CST) Monday, March 18, 2019


How we determine our shipping dates

Once an order is received, time is needed to harvest, process, freeze, and package the products we produce to make them available for shipping.  Our goal is to keep frozen inventory to a minimum and to process orders as they are received, making the end product much fresher for our customers.

All orders placed (CST) Monday through Thursday will ship on Monday / Tuesday of the following week.  All orders placed (CST) Friday thru Sunday will ship on the second Monday / Tuesday following the date on which the order was placed.  Once your order has been received you will be notified with an estimated time of arrival.  Below is an illustration of how many days it will take for an order to ship once it has been received.

An order placed on a...

will ship 8 days later.
Tuesday will ship 7 days later.
Wednesday will ship 6 days later.
Thursday will ship 5 days later.
Friday will ship 11 days later.
Saturday will ship 10 days later.
Sunday will ship 9 days later.

Optimizing your shipping costs

All of our products are packed in heavily insulated boxes containing dry ice.  While our methods ensure your product will arrive at the temperatures needed to guarantee freshness, they also add to the cost of shipping for every box we use.  To ensure you receive the most value for your shipping costs we have added a feature to our web site that allows you to monitor how many boxes will be needed and what percentage of free space you have left.  On your product summary page before checkout, as well as when browsing our products, you will notice "space taken" information.  These numbers reflect how much space a particular product will occupy in one box of your shipment.

When items are added to your cart the total amount of space that item occupies will be shown on the summary page.  The numbers displayed in pink pertain to FedEx shipments utilizing standard sized boxes (STD) while the numbers in green are for optimizing shipments with oversized boxes (OS).  The boxes used in oversized shipments are twice as large as those used for standard.

At the bottom of the summary page there is an indication of how much space is remaining in your box or boxes.  Use this information to calculate how much of a particular product you may add to your order without requiring the use of an additional box.

If you are shipping to an area where oversized boxes (OS) are available, the summary will contain information pertaining to both standard sized boxes and oversized boxes as shown below.

As you browse our products you can use the information found in "Box Space Taken" to determine how much of a particular product you can add to your order without requiring the use of an additional box. 

How shipping charges add to the cost of your order

It will always save you money when you try to reduce the amount of free space that is available in your box.  For example, an order consisting of 100 mouse fuzzies being shipped to California (100 fuzzies @ .19 cents each = $19.00 plus $41.15 for shipping and handling) would cost $60.15.  That's about .60 cents per fuzzy.  If you increased your order from 100 fuzzies to 200 fuzzies (200 fuzzies @ .19 cents each = $38.00 plus $40.19 for shipping and handling) your new total cost  would be $78.19 making your new cost per fuzzy about .39 cents. This is a total savings of about .21 cents per fuzzy.

Other cost cutting ideas

By ordering quarterly as opposed to monthly you may take advantage of our quantity discounts.  Quantity discounts will always save you money.

Splitting an order with a friend, friends, group, herpetology club etc. will enable you to take advantage of our quantity discounts and may also provide an opportunity to have others share in the cost of shipping.

Visit our site frequently and look for the "hot deal" icon.  When we are offering an item at a reduced price, it is generally on sale until inventory has been reduced and then it will immediately return to its normal price.

Understanding Oversized Boxes

Customers in certain delivery areas have the option of choosing FedEx oversized boxes (This usually offers a considerable savings to these customers on larger orders).  When those who are given the oversized box option choose it, the amount of product that fits in an oversized box is double what standard shipping methods allow and the numbers reflected on the site pertaining to "OS Box Space" should be used when calculating the use of available free space.




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